Following Wes Bos' idea I decided to create a /uses page to share my current setup. Go check out to see a bunch of cool setups.


My default editor is WebStorm which I have been using regularly since 2016. I don't add a bunch of plugins to Webstorm since I think the bundled ones are pretty good, but I always install the Atom Material Icons because I like how they look 😎. I also use Visual Studio Code when I need to do a quick modification on a different project or if I am running 2+ projects in parallel.


For terminal I am using Hyper, after many years with iTerm2. I use the Nord theme and a few plugins: hypercwd, hyper-search,hyper-tabs-enhanced, hyperterm-visor, and hyperlinks.

Font & Theme

My preferred theme currently is Nord, which I started to use in October 2020 (was already feeling the winter chill ❄️). Before it I have been a huge fan of Dracula and I occasionally switch between them.

My font of choice is Dank Mono, which I bought a few years ago. It has very good ligatures and is pleasant to look at. Recently I have been using JetBrains Mono in WebStorm and I am satisfied with it.

Desktop Apps

I love Alfred app, I have been using it for a long time and it is always one of the first things I install when I set up a new machine.

I use f.lux to manage the brightness of my screens, it really shines (🙈) in the late afternoon/evening with the automatic adjustments.

For the window management, I use Spectacle. It has useful shortcuts and it is simple to reorganize the windows on the screen.

My preferred color picker is ColorSlurp. It is easy to use and allows you to group colors together within collections.

One of the tools I started to use recently, due to the remote working is Unclack. It mutes my mic as I start typing, which I think is very useful to take notes during meetings.

I also use Rocket as the system-wide emoji picker.

For my backups I am currently using OneDrive. I used Dropbox for a long time, but sharing stuff between 2 accounts became harder and costly. So far I have no complains about OneDrive and the family plan works well.

Desk Setup

My desk and chair are some standard office models that I got for free from my previous employer. I don't know which are the models, they aren't fancy but they work well.

I have one external monitor which is a AOC 32" curved gaming monitor. It's focused on gaming, but works pretty well to code and it's also great to watch movies.

I have a JBL Everest headphone which is going into it's 5th anniversary and still working pretty well. It doesn't have noise cancelling, which is something I might consider for a future model.