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CComo conseguir um emprego na Europa

2019-03-086 Min Read — In Personal

Em novembro de 2018 eu comecei a trabalhar na Omio em Berlim, Alemanha. Hoje resolvi contar um pouco de como foi o processo para conseguir essa oportunidade e as primeiras impressões desses 4 meses em que estou morando na Europa. Nota: Vou falar da…

TThe year I got out of my comfort zone

2018-12-313 Min Read — In Personal

2018 was a good one. I was able to continue on track of some of my goals from previous years, I grew, professionaly and personally and I really got out of my comfort zone by moving to a new country. 🍻 Starting with the farewells In the beginning of…

MMy 2017 review

2017-12-312 Min Read — In Personal

It was good. In the beginning of 2017 my wife and I were looking for a new apartment. Our last contract was set to expire in last July, but we were unhappy with the old apartment as it was very small and not cozy at all. We started to look for new…