The year I got out of my comfort zone

31.12.20183 Min Read — In Personal

2018 was a good one. I was able to continue on track of some of my goals from previous years, I grew, professionaly and personally and I really got out of my comfort zone by moving to a new country. 🍻

Starting with the farewells

In the beginning of the year my brother received a nice opportunity to move to Portugal, so the first couple months we were focused on that. It was pretty cool, we made a farewell party with our family and we had several small nice moments there. His wife followed him a couple months later, and this was just the beginning of the farewell season.

Getting back to a healthy lifestyle

The year started well, in 2017 I decided I wanted to lose weight and for most of the year I was able to follow a nice diet which resulted in losing 10kg over 8 months and the biggest part was fat! I went to the gym at least 3 times per week, each week. Another good follow-up from my goals in 2017.

I started playing Pokémon GO again, around April/May and it was a great motivation to go (pun intended) out and walk around the city. I don't have data about it, but I lost count of how many times me and my wife went out for a walk in the park, in Paulista Av. or around some neighborhood in São Paulo.

Now, I feel like these things are part of my routine, and it's something I want to keep for the next year.

Learn, learn, learn

One of the things I enjoyed the most from my time working at QuintoAndar was the possibility of exploring new areas, working with different technologies and learning new stuff. I did back-end, devops, researches and all these things helped me grow as a professional. This was important to me because I realized that I wanted to learn a lot of new stuff, so every sprint I had the opportunity to learn something new, and it was awesome.

By the way, the team was awesome too, lots of highly skilled people and passionate about the challenge. If you're looking for a new opportunity go check their careers page!

Getting out of my comfort zone

Despite having a nice time at QuintoAndar, I always had a desire to live abroad and after several conversations with my wife we decided that we were in the perfect time in our lives to do it. Around mid-July I got an offer to work at Omio in Berlin and we jumped in. From the beginning we knew it would be a huge change for us, but at every step we discovered more things to do, this really helped me to improve my organizational and planning skills and, was also a good opportunity to evaluate what's really necessary when moving. We had a fully equipped apartment in São Paulo and today all our stuff fits in 2 luggages. This really got me thinking about material stuff and what we really need to buy/have to be happy.

First months living in Germany

We travelled to Germany during my birthday (tell me about a birthday gift 😄), it was my first international travel and the first time flying for a long time, so it was a pretty special moment.

It was very good to arrive in Germany in the beginning of November, we got the last half of the autumn and it helped to get comfortable with the weather. Which, despite not being cold as other places in Europe is the most cold I've ever been. But it's not that bad at all, some days I feel like staying at home all day but, on the other hand I've seen snow for the first time ❄️.

Yeah, it was a pretty excinting year. Looking forward to 2019!