About Me

Who am I

I’m a passionate and self-motivated front-end engineer with over eight years of experience. Throughout my career I had the chance to work on, lead and deliver projects of all sizes, from small internal tools to applications that are used by millions of people each month, I always strive to deliver the best user experience to the customer with a reliable, resilient and highly available solution.

I’m flexible and adaptable, I don’t fall in love with any particular solution, I aim to understand everything I can about the problem and then figure out how to solve efficiently and elegantly, I’d rather fail fast and learn from it than keep banging my head against a brick wall.

I believe sharing is one of the most important skills that one can have, both in the technical and the interpersonal side. It's a great growing tool as you can develop your skills, teach and learn from others as well as build a trusting and safe working environment.

I love to learn, I’m constantly studying topics that aren’t my strongest skills, and this is not restricted to tech-related topics but also to finance, diet and nutrition, exercise and sports and other topics that I find interesting.

Where am I

I have been living in Berlin since November of 2018, when I joined Omio to work as a software engineer and help making travel easy for millions of people.

Previous Experiences

My first professional experience with web development came at INPE (Brazilian Institute for Space Research), where I was hired as a web developer in 2009 to work in the Brazilian space weather research program. During my time there I did back-end and front-end development.

In 2014 I moved to São Paulo city to work at a fashion start-up called AMARO, where I had the opportunity to do a lot of interesting projects as an individual contributor and later on, in a management role.

I went from being the first and single front-end developer creating an entire front-end app for an e-commerce platform from scratch, to a team-lead managing a team of 4 developers.

After three and a half years I left the company to take on a new challenge. I joined QuintoAndar in November of 2017 where I helped making rental easy and cool for thousands of Brazilians.

My main motivation to change job at the time was to grow technically and tackle different problems, and, while most of my daily work there was focused on front-end, I had the opportunity to do back-end and devOps tasks too which allowed me to improve a set of skills that I was looking forward to do.

For a more detailed information, check my resume.


Favorite hobby?

I like to watch various TV shows and movies, so I'm usually just hanging out at home doing that or going to the movie theater. I also enjoy walking in the parks nearby, usually listening to some podcast.

Favorite team/sport?

I'm a sports guy. I played soccer my entire youth and did some other sports during high school like volley and handball. I always enjoyed the feeling of being part of a team, the competition and the adrenaline during the games.

In 2010 I founded a flag football team in my hometown called Taubaté Big Donkeys this was a great experience where I was able to make a lot of friends and collect awesome memories.

Nowadays, my favorite sports are football (the american one) and soccer as a close second. My favorite teams are S.E. Palmeiras and the Baltimore Ravens.

Most beautiful place I visited?

This is hard to choose, but I would say that so far, it's the Vatican, and I'm not even a catholic. It's just an incredible place, with thousands of years of history, amazing architecture and the thought of it being a central place of our history for such a long time, is incredible.

Favorite musical style?

Rock 'n' roll, but I usually listen to everything from pop-rock to heavy metal, really depends on the day and the mood at the time. My favorite bands of all-time are The Beatles, Queen, and Linkin Park. Nowadays it's Muse and Imagine Dragons.

I also enjoy a lot of Brazilian music, from the national pop-rock, punk bands to MPB (Brazilian popular music) and some country music.

When I'm working out I prefer to listen to rap and hip-hop as I think they give an extra motivation to go through the exercises.

Favorite book?

The Harry Potter series. It marked my youth, I have many good memories of going to the movie theater with my friends at midnight for the premiere of the new movie.

More recently, I read American Gods by Neil Gaiman and really enjoyed it. A very interesting approach to compare the different kinds of worship during our history.

Favorite game?

I'm a Pokémon fanatic. This is, by far, my favorite game series. Recently I bought a Nintendo Switch to be able to play the newest games and I still enjoy it as much as I did when I was a little kid.

Since this is the first time I have a Nintendo console, I'm looking forward playing some of the exclusives that I never played before like the Mario and Zelda series.